University of Ioannina, Greece


ED-XRF Spectroscopy Unit




The ED-XRF Unit at UoI provides a range of analytical services, which typically involve major and trace elements determination in a variety of samples. Most commonly analyzed samples include:


- soils and sediments


- archaeological ceramics and glass artifacts


- synthetic organometallic compounds


- synthetic aluminosillicates, metal oxides etc


- natural water and industrial wastewater samples


- metals and alloys


- plant and animal tissues


Given the diversity of applications covered by the XRF technique, analyses are being requested by staff from various Departments of the University of Ioannina, while users from other Academic and Research Institutes, as well as local productive units are also interested in our services.

The Unit further supports academic activities by contributing to students education and practice, both at the undergraduate and post-graduate level.

More details and information on submission of samples and analytical fees, are available upon request.



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