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Nuclear Physics Laboratory
    Historically, the activities on Environmental Radioactivity Group at Ioannina have started right after the Chernobyl accident in 1986 in the field of environmental radioactivity measurements. Soon, this field was broadened by the addition of research in countermeasures following a nuclear accident and the modeling of radionuclides transfer to environmental components and Man.

    Today our laboratory facilities complemented by a radiochemistry laboratory allow us to perform most of environmental radioactivity analyses, including alpha radiation measurements (silicon detectors), beta measurements (gas proportional counters, liquid scintillation for tritium and carbon- 14) and gamma radiation measurements (NaI and HPGe systems)

Contact Information
Dr. Kostas Ioannides
Tel.:   +30 26510 08545
E-mail: kioannid@cc.uoi.gr
Fax: +30-26510-08692

Dr. Kostas Stamoulis
E-mail: kstamoul@cc.uoi.gr
Tel: + 30 26510 08547
Fax: +30-26510-08692

Dr. Christina Papapchristodoulou
E-mail: xpapaxri@cc.uoi.gr
Tel: + 30 26510 08492
Fax: +30-26510-08692

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Nuclear Physics Laboratory
Department of Physics
University of Ioannina
451 10 Ioannina - Greece               
Environmental radioactivity
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